Healthy Food – Eating For Life – 6 Simple Rules


Find healthy food, eat it, and live long because doing so is not science fiction. It is, however, Science. Any attempt to give you advice on how to eat right, but the simple fact is that almost no one understands what happens in your body when you buy healthy food and eat it. Detail on the subject is available for people who need to know. Those of you who want simple rules without fluff or information, read on.

1) eat all the food. People say “Whole Foods” all the time, but no one stops to think what it means for healthy food. Eat foods that were not grown in the laboratory and has not been taken apart and put back together, that’s what it means. So no drought-hydration potatoes, homogenlzed no milk, no flour, no sugar and no corn syrup, high-fructose or

2) Eat foods otherwise. In as close to their natural state as possible. This sounds a lot like “Eat Whole Foods”, but there is an additional rule. Not only that your food be healed, but they should be fresh and cooked as little as possible. For millions of years, humans eat what they catch and gathered without benefit of stoves and ovens, much less food and blenders. Development has not had a chance to “catch up” for modern equipment: the digested food still in the same way our ancestors did. This is not to say “do not cut your peppers” or “do not eat cheese because it is not raw.” These are still healthy foods; eat them is just fine. Just eat your greens barely-steamed meat or almost-too-raw. Your body will get so much more out of them, you will feel the difference.

3) Do not eat anything you can not buy. That is to say, if you can not buy a bag of pure sodium erythorbate or dollop of hydroxypropylmethelcellulose, you should not eat anything that has the ingredients in them. It is not healthy. Food eaten should fill you with materials that are created by nature, not by Lab

4) There are only two food groups :. The move, and the things that grow. In other words, if it is not obviously a plant or animal obviously, do not eat it. You should try to eat about the same amount of each food group, and each has one additional rule to pay attention to

5) of the “moving parts” Food Group, you should try to get about equal amounts of fat and protein. This goes directly against “fat-is-bad” propaganda of the day, but it is demonstrably true.

6) of “things grow” group, you should deliberately eat as many different colors plant as possible every day. Veggie colors generated due to the different chemicals in the plant; each substance represents a group of nutrients. Your body gets the nutrients from meat, but not as much as you get from fresh fruits and vegetables, so it is important to get a variety of – you do not want to have too much of some nutrients and let others off, it is not healthy food eating

These rules read easy, but they are hard to follow. It helps so much to leave food in a way that makes your body love you. Many factors, from the community to chemical, conspire to keep you eat a high-carbohydrate, highly processed American diet – but it means that US midlife suffering from diabetes, heart problems, infertility and impotence, and even cancer . Healthy food eating can keep you alive and feeling great.


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