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You would be mistaken to think only of movement when you consider starting a keep fit program. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, exercise is important, but so is your diet. Real fitness means a healthy body … free from the problems that take all the fun out of life

Fact: Our modern life contributes to nutrient deficient diet – no matter how well fed we think we are. . are

Fact :. Food cleaning strips up to 80% of the minerals from the food as nature intended it to be

Fact: Our environment is damaged by air pollution, toxins and synthetic pesticides that we have no control.

We can live full, rich and healthy life if we just take action and incorporate some straight-forward changes in diet and lifestyle habits. But with so many fad diets, and so much conflicting information that even the experts do not seem to agree, it is no wonder that you may have failed to try to improve your health and weight, diet and / or exercise. In fact, it is not your fault and you are not alone. The UK government’s Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson pulled no punches in warning that much of the British public is becoming obese at an alarming rate.

What is particularly alarming is the fact that so many children are overweight too. We live in an age where parents are, understandably, concerned about the children playing out on the streets, so instead they can spend time in front of computer or television. Given that we live in what is commonly referred to as “The Information Age”, this is very surprising; but then why are not we all slim, fit and healthy?

As a qualified nutritionist, I have been seeing clients since 1999, and come to a stark conclusion. There is more to “Keep Fit” than just exercise and diet. No matter how motivated nutrition customers or recruits gym, start, 80% of them will not follow through with a long-term lifestyle changes needed to benefit from new knowledge. Those who do not change will have wasted their money and time

Take two typical, but very different, customers -. A busy Mum and very stressed manager. Both are looking for advice on healthy eating and exercise. t’s just too easy to wheel out a standard “Five-a-Day” and “30 minutes a day of exercise five or more days a week” formula, but it may be completely impossible for some customers. For most people, this advice is totally inadequate unless motivation and lifestyle are considered.

In addition to advice on diet and supplements, customers need to seriously consider the benefits they experience from a healthier lifestyle, and to consider the consequences of not following through on what they have learned. Even when health consequences are clearly understood, some customers still not commit to life-style changes -. As shown by them continue to smoke despite the health warning on cigarette packets

While one of the nutrition counseling or training sessions can be useful to kick-start you into a new way to eat and live effects quickly disappear. To succeed, health and fitness program will fit into your life to go program, so it is useful to source recurring series of practical tips on incorporating healthy eating into your daily life.

A stable input advice and new ideas is much more likely to keep you focused on healthy eating for healthy living.


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