Why It’s Important to Eat Healthy Foods


We’re always being told That we need to eat healthy foods. But why? What does it really mean to be healthy? These are the questions I try to answer in this article.

Most people know that it’s good to be healthy. But I’ve Started wonder Whether people Actually fully understand what it means to have good health. A lot of people probably think That being healthy means looking good, maybe losing weight, and Perhaps Even living longer. But I think That the problem is that this is where most people’s thoughts on the subject end.

The thing is, When you are healthy it effects every aspect of your life. You have more energy, you sleep better, you are Able to concentrate better, you feel Happier, you enjoy life more, you get more pleasure out of your Hobbies and interests, and you Even get on better with people.

Athletes and sports people try to Achieve optimum health, Because They Know It Will Dramatically Improve Their performance. So why should not non-sporty people try to Achieve optimum health too? Wanting to performaces your best in life in general, That Should be enough Motivation.

By eating the right kind of foods, you are literally fueling your body with the right kind of fuel it needs in order to function effectively. By eating fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and good sources of protein (nuts, eggs, fish, seeds, beans, pulses, and lean meats), you really are giving your body and brain the best chance of looking, feeling and performing well.


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